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Search And Rescue Mediterranean – Cultural Mediator

On the Aquarius there are 2 CM positions, one male, one female. This position is to replace the current female CM.

Main Purpose:
Contribute to the building of MSF visibility and acceptance by creating link with the com-munities.
Provide MSF project with an understanding of local, socio-cultural determinants by knowing the culture of the beneficiaries and at the same time have developed reading ca-pability of the context in which he/she should operate.
Support all required medical and non-medical activities within the project, by decoding the demand expressed by the beneficiaries and meeting MSF staff’s expectations of quality translation and communication.
Provide basic information (medical, transportation, procedures…) to the beneficiaries and address them to other actors for specific information (legal, social…)
Take actively part in all necessary collateral activities linked to beneficiaries’ health and social assistance, including information and advocacy.

Background mission information and additional information on the position:
MSF takes responsibility for all refugees and migrants care and wellbeing upon boarding the ship until disembarkement / handover to the Italian authorities on shore.
This includes medical care, food, water, sanitation, clothing, etc.
MSF works together with SOS Mediterranee, who is coordinating the rescues (http://sosmediterranee.org/?lang=en).

MSF responsibilities:
• Triage during rescue operation (identify boat people to be prioritized for rescue).
• Care (medical and MH care, sanitation, NFIs, food) for boat people when they enter the vessel (approx. 6-48 hours for hundreds of people).
• This position is based on board a ship, and will regularly be on a RIB (Rigid Hull In-flatable Boat) at high seas. Expats must be “sea worthy”, due to high likelihood of sea sickness).
• Can handle “down time” between journeys, and peaks in workload during and after a rescue.
• Understanding and willingness of a “low” medical relevance/activities vs. “humanitarian needs”.
• Must be flexible and willing to focus not only on curative care but also on general care tasks at hand to meet the needs of rescue populations and to restore dignity.
• Must be flexible and willing to support the operations on the ship, and ashore. Especially when travelling on a rescue mission you will have to be willing to jump in where needed.

• Make the link between MSF and people in transit, host communities, migrants’ com-munities.
• Inform patients and communities about MSF and services it provides. Know MSF ac-tivities in link with the context.
• Inform beneficiaries on constraints, procedures and opportunities in access and uti-lization of health services and other services (e.g. shelter, food) provided by other actors.
• Support in data collection and research concerning local and international context, with regards to medical and humanitarian issues, in order to provide reliable infor-mation for further decision-making (Able to administrate socio-economical ques-tionnaire and to collaborate in the mapping of a geographical area and in the map-ping of the different actors, organization, etc).
• Work closely with the different departments: Medical, Logistic, Advocacy, and Ad-ministration.
• Inform both MSF staff and the beneficiaries on their respective customs, traditions and cultural codes.
• Adapt communication to any circumstances, using appropriate language registry as well as diplomatic and courtesy manners by adapting the messages to the culture of the beneficiaries and developing reading capability of the context in which he should operate.
• Participate in creation of any material needed for communication.
• Accompany beneficiaries to referrals (health and social care facilities) as needed and follow them up; in certain circumstances, propose behaviors that could favor the au-tonomy of beneficiaries.
• Support the log team in organizing the NFIs distribution and maintain crowd control.
• Support psychologist during mental health group and individual sessions.
• Support the collection of testimonies for advocacy purposes.
• Report all important information expressed by the communities.
• Ensure confidentiality

• Hard requirement – STCW certificate (seafarers safety)
• Desirable degree in social science, social communication or teaching.
• Relevant degree or work experience with refuge organizations or immigration such as advocacy , campaign and public engagement
• Basic knowledge of refuge and familiarity with migration dynamics in the Mediter-ranean region
• Training in interpretation is a pre
• Intercultural mediation is a must, whether by study or understanding.
• Able to work flexibly as team in a large team from 3 different organisations
• Good writing skills in EN and AR
• Calm nature

• Previous experience in cultural mediation and/or translation preferable.
• Experience with other NGOs preferable.

Language Level Description (Mission Language)
Fluency in English is mandatory.
Native Arabic and fluency French is mandatory.

Comment postuler :
If you would like to join MSF Frontline, please send your CV and a Letter of Motivation to the following address:
Only short-listed candidates will be contacted for further HR proceedings.

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