Tunpixel recrute un Node.js Developer

Description de l’emploi


Do you have a passion for keeping up-to-date with current standards in use? And are you able to quickly master new technologies? Perfect! Then it sounds like you might make a great fit with us.at TunpiXel.

What you’ll be doing on this job…

We’re always on the look out for talented Node.js to help us. 

Overall, we have three things we’d love you to do, and do really well:

  • develop and improve our products
  • deliver great products created by an entire team and
  • implement projects for our clients, on a worldwide basis.

If this sounds like you, then we hope to meet with you soon!



Exigences de l’emploi:

Some of the things that would make you a great fit for this exciting role:

  • You are excited about node.js and could explain to a room full of engineers why it’s such a compelling and powerful technology.
  • You are constantly trying out new languages and frameworks on your own time – Ruby, Scala, etc.
  • You are interested in APIs, big integration and big data challenges. 
  • Strong JavaScript knowledge and development best practices including unit testing and continuous integration of JS applications. You should feel passionate about this and have pretty strong opinions on why it is so important.
  • Web/UI JavaScript background and are comfortable working up and down the full stack and contributing to our SPA if needed (in fact this is probably one of the reasons you are excited about node.js).


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We’re passionate about solving real-world customer problems and building great software systems. We highly value creativity, open discussion, learning, and authenticity. We’re always looking for great people who share our values and want to make an impact., so please contact us at contact@tunpixel.tn

  • L’emploi est expiré !


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