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Lira SARL recrute

Web and Infographics Designer Specialized in Digital Visualization

The tender will be awarded with a gratuity of 500,00 TND per dataset for the first place and 300,00 TND for the second and third place. One of the three winners will receive a firm and permanent employment contract. For the other winners, there is a great chance to get regular freelance contracts.
For a web project of our client, a German publishing house, you have to implement one of the two following tasks. Before you start with your work, please send us a short mail with a CV and we will forward the documents needed to work on these tasks. In case there are too many participators working on the same task we will request you to work on the other one.
We look for the most innovative visualization of the following 2 datasets.
The parameters will be:
1.) Innovation and functionality
2.) Design and creativity in the interactivity of the data
3.) Comprehensibility of the graphic.
The infographic should be already embedded into a webpage. The code has to be transferred and would then be in our possession.
Task (dataset) 1:
This infographic should illustrate the interregional commercial connections between the MENA regions and the so-called BRICS countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa), plus Malaysia and South Korea. The visualization should include a map element as well as a snapshot at the volume of bilateral trade relations and a focus on exemplary products that characterize these relations. The raw data, based on the UN Comtrade International Trade Statistics Database, is provided in the form of Excel sheet, accompanied by short explanatory texts that should also be included in the dynamic infographic.
Task (dataset) 2:
This infographic is meant to be an interactive timeline of assorted events from several Arab Spring countries. The basic milestones are tweets by the renowned civil rights activist Iyad El-Baghdadi, put in order and context by short explanatory texts. The visualization should find a fitting approach to Tweet embedding and representation of temporal and spatial context.


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