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Program Officer

Purpose of the position
– Implements and manages daily operations of Injaz Tunisia’s programs according to programs strategy
– Secures volunteers,
– Plans participant recognition
– Audiences
– Assures program quality and expansion and good school relations

– Works with Program Coordinator to plan programs and support growth strategy
– Upholds the highest standards of excellence and quality when delivering all programs
– Renews commitments of schools/teachers currently involved and recruits new schools/teachers
– Develops and delivers all presentations to schools/teachers
– Responsible for plans to increase public awareness of Injaz Tunisia’s programs, among volunteers and educational audiences

Measures of accomplishements:
– Number of new teachers and/or schools
– Number of returning teachers and/or schools
– Number of presentations to educators
– Demand for programs by schools/educators and volunteers Securing volunteers

Responsabilities :
– Renews commitments from business leaders who have been volunteers and identifies/recruits business leaders who have not been involved with the programs in order to secure top caliber volunteers and maintain the quality of the programs
– Recruits and renews commitments from teachers, where applicable
– Develops and delivers all needed presentations

Measures of accomplishments:
– Quality of implementation
– Number of presentations
– Number of new volunteers placed
– Number of returning volunteers placed

School/Educator Relationships:
Responsabilities :

– Develops and maintains constructive relationships to support school/student retention and reach
– Anticipates customer needs and expectations
– Demonstrates customer orientation and focus in providing products and services
– Develops positive rapport with school officials
– Gauges customer satisfaction and recommends the changes in products and services needed to increase satisfaction
– Displays a sensitivity to customer diversity

Measures of accomplishments:
– Customer feedback
– Customer trust
– Continued commitments by schools

Program Quality:

– Develops and continually updates operations/quality control plan
– Assures quality of programs through phone calls, classroom monitoring, participant servicing, evaluation instruments, and newsletters
– Continually provides feedback, program materials and resources to volunteers and teachers
– Assesses appropriateness of program model for local area and adjusts accordingly

Measures of accomplishments:
– Results of evaluations/surveys
– Call back sessions
– Follow-up correspondence
– Adherence to program quality guidelines


– Takes part in all volunteer orientation/training programs
– Secures location of training, develops orientation materials, schedules volunteers/teachers, orders program materials, distributes registration and evaluation forms

Measures of accomplishments:
– Preparation of trainee
– Evaluation results
– % of volunteers/teachers trained
– Ultimate program evaluation

Participant Recognition

– Develops and implements method of participant recognition
– logistics of event(s); informs volunteers, teachers, school administrators and Plans business executives of event; plans and distributes appreciation materials

Measures of Accomplishments:
– Feedback
– Timeliness of method/event
– Event attendance
– Manages expenses-meets budget guidelines

Program Administration

– Maintains database information on all programs and participants (class registration forms and reports)
– Develops a yearly calendar that predicts program needs and includes timetables, procedures, and responsibilities

Measures of accomplishments:
– Class registrations submitted
– Reports prepared and submitted
– Low incidence of one-off research and report preparation

Profil recherché:
– Bachelor’s degree or equivalent
– Strong oral and written communication
– Strong interpersonal skills
– Strong organization and planning skills
– Ability to be creative
– Evidence of problem solving
– Computer literacy
– Self-motivation and an entrepreneurial attitude
– Sincere interest in the mission of Injaz Tunisia
– Excellent English


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