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Assistant Facilitator
Four years after the revolution, different minority groups in Libya continue the struggle in attempt to find their rights, to participate in the political process, and to have a voice in the building of Libya’s future. The most basic of these rights is to get the needed information about the Election Day. Elections are a new practice in Libya and they are part of the democratic political process, which all Libyans desire to be a part of. One of the major minority groups in Libya are persons with disabilities. They desire and have the right to join in the political process by making the ballot boxes more accessible. IFES, as part of its program in Libya, has worked during the past elections in assisting The Higher Election Commission “HNEC” in making polling stations accessible to persons with disabilities on Election Day during the past elections that took place in Libya and continues to work with the HNEC and DPOs in this important matter. However, there is a challenge for a specific group of disabled people that as important as the accessibility challenge, which is receiving the information. Unlike other types of disabilities, deaf people struggle to receive information about elections, such as elections day, how to vote, rights and duties as a voter etc… This problem is not to the Election Day, but it lasts during all the electoral cycle for deaf people.
In this context, IFES, as part of its program in Libya, will interfere to help guarantee the basic right to information for deaf people through editing and distributing an electoral lexicon that contains all the must-know words to deliver information to deaf people. Also, IFES will set up a training for sign language interpreters on how to use the lexicon to deliver information to deaf people which will enable them to fairly take part in building Libya`s future.
IFES/CEPPS intends to promote the access to electoral process for Deaf and hard of hearing people, and will recruit two Libyan consultants in order to support and assist the leader facilitator to guarantee the following activities:
• Assist the leader facilitator in identifying the electoral words and preparing the Lexicon on the electoral process.
• Assist the leader facilitator in conceptualizing a manual and a video on the lexicon.
• Assist the leader facilitator in conducting the TOT for sign language interpreters on the deaf lexicon.
The training workshop is organized by IFES Libya in Tunis. 2015, and will take place between the 22 of November and the 26 of November 2015.
The assistant Facilitators will work for a period of 20 days in close coordination with the Chief of Party and the Program Officer in order to finalize the above objectives
Tasks and Responsibilities of the consultant:
Under the supervision of the Chief of Party, the Assistant Facilitators will support the delivery of results in the following areas and carry out/achieve the following duties:
• Assist the leader facilitator in Identifying, selecting, and translating to sign language the words and phrases that will be included in the Deaf lexicon
• Assist the leader facilitator in conceptualizing the Lexicon and the content.
• Assist the leader facilitator in conceptualizing the video that will contain the sign-language- act of the words and phrases contained in the lexicon
• Assist the leader facilitator in Facilitating the training of trainers.
 5 days to deliver the workshop Tunis
 15 days for conceptualization and realization of the video and lexicon Tunis
Date Timetable * Days
22-26 November Delivery of the training workshop 5
1-30 November Conceptualization and realization of the video and the lexicon. 15
• The Video to demonstrate in sign language the words included in the lexican
• The Deaf Lexicon on the electoral process
• Delivery of the TOT training.
Working Period
The assignment performance period will implemented in November 2015; the contract is for 20 working days, beginning on November 1st, 2015.
Qualifications & requirements
• Previous working experience in Deaf and hard hearing rights in Libya or a similar domain or other qualifying experiences can be proved.
Documents to provide for the recruitment
The Assistant Facilitators should provide to IFES Libya Staff the following documents in order to complete the procedures of the recruitment and the signature of the contract:

Comment postuler

• Personal CV, highlighting all past experience in similar projects or activities. The CV must contain all contact details of the Candidate (address, e-mail, phone number, Skype contact).
Please send your application to ameni.gassoumi@gmail.com before November 9th 2015.

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